Transfers of Patronage

A right of patronage may no longer be sold, but it may be the subject of a voluntary lifetime transfer. A right of patronage will also pass upon the death of a patron to his or her personal representatives, who may then vest the right of patronage in the person or persons who inherit the right from the deceased patron. The following are the prescribed forms to be used by patrons in connection with the transfer of rights of patronage.

Form 8 – Notice to the Bishop and to the Registrar of Proposed Transfer

A patron wishing to transfer a right of patronage during his or her lifetime should complete this form and send copies to the Bishop and to the Registrar of the Diocese. Upon receipt of Form 8, the Registrar will send copies of the notice to the PCC(s) of the benefice, who will have 28 days in which to make representations to the Bishop concerning the proposed transfer.

Form 12 – Transfer of Patronage Inter Vivos

If no representations are made by the PCC(s), the patron will be asked to complete a transfer in Form 12 and lodge it in the Diocesan Registry, when it will be registered by the Registrar, who will send the new patron a Certificate of Registration. A new patron may not exercise the right of patronage until his name has been entered by the Registrar in the Register of Patrons, and no transfer shall take effect during a vacancy in a benefice.

Form 13 – Transfer upon Appointment of New Trustees

Where a right of patronage is vested in trustees, and a trustee dies, or retires, or a new trustee is appointed, the other trustees should apply to the Registrar, using Form 13, for the change of trustees to be recorded in the Register of Patrons.

Form 14 – Transfer of Patronage by Personal Representatives

Personal representatives wishing to transfer a right of patronage to the person or persons entitled to the right under a deceased patron’s will, or upon an intestacy, should complete a transfer using Form 14 and send it to the Diocesan Registrar for registration, together with an Office Copy of the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration.